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2001 Superbowl was fixed | Sports Forums - Rams Talk
Post subject: 2001 Superbowl was fixed. Posted: 03 Feb 2012 15:17 pm. I wanted to take a look at the last 2 minutes of that game. Two things I noticed - On the .

Fixed: Is The Superbowl Rigged?
Don't know why I watched as many games as I did in the recent months/years. I feel strongly that the super bowl is fixed. Sports betting is .

Less than 24 hours to go and Brian Tuohy asks: Is Super Bowl XLV ...
Feb 6, 2011 . And nowhere is game fixing more apparent than in the multi-billion dollar National . If you have doubts just take a look at the teams for tomorrow's Super Bowl game. . Tuohy's book, "The Fix Is In" is available at

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Super Bowl Was Fixed, Internet Commenters Prove :: The Enduring ...
Although there seems to be consensus that the Super Bowl is clearly fixed, the community is divided on whether or not all football games fall under the same .

Super Bowl Betting: Could The Big Game Be Fixed?
Feb 3, 2011 . But let's examine the question at hand–could the Super Bowl be fixed? We'll start by considering the fundamental necessities of any game .

The Super Fix - A Novel About Fixing the Super Bowl
Whoever controls the line controls the game . have written a gripping novel about how the Super Bowl can be thrown. . The Super Bowl can be fixed.

Urban Dictionary: superbowl xl
Vegas came out with record income on this Superbowl. ~ a NFL championship game which the people in charge of the NFL, fixed the game with: picking the .

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Professional Fantasy Football? - The Fix Is In
(2) In a later Playboy interview, Smith elaborated, “That Super Bowl game, which we lost by nine points, . I don't know if any of my teammates were in on the fix.” .

SuperBowl XLV was it fixed - YouTube
Feb 6, 2011 . Moldea on the NFL, the Mafia and fixed gamesby 06291978NYT 12659 views · Thumbnail 1:45. Add to. Packers are Super Bowl Champs!

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Metz, Bailey & McLoughlin - Page2 - The last Super Bowl
Why bet on a fixed game? That is nonsense, of course. The Super Bowl can never be fixed -- not in Peacetime, anyway ... and even if it was, I would never offer .

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